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Camp Verde Road ---- UPDATE

The Commissioners Court vote on closure of the Camp Verde Road was not taken at the December 13th meeting. The agenda item had erroneously listed Verde Creek Road thus it will be rescheduled for a public hearing and vote at the February 28 Commissioner's Court Meeting.

During the court session and afterward several questions arose:
  • Will our new Commissioner Overby speak accurately for the Precinct 2 voters or will he lean toward corporate interests? Commissioner Letz originally scheduled the road closure vote as a "security issue" for the adjoining landowners now we know the landowners plan to build an up-scale restaurant. The road would interfere with the architect's design.
  • Do the beneficiaries of a Camp Verde Road closure have any interest in historic preservation of the road or do they need the county real estate the road occupies for their own expansion? Christopher Jimenez represented Christopher Properties the adjoining land owner and Camelot Hills Group owners of the Camp Verde Store. He verbalized support for historic interests but questioned the accuracy of historic research and publication on the road.
  • Should county and state historic tourism interests and revenue be sacrificed for the corporate interests of Christopher Properties and Camelot Hills Group?
  • Will commissioners consider the value of Camp Verde Road as a part of the overall beauty and tourism for the Camp Verde area?
The public hearing and vote is scheduled for the February 28th Commissioner's Court meeting at the Court House. It is a county wide issue and requires a unanimous vote to close the road. Your opinion matters.

Frances Lovett

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