Serving Kerr County with a Conscience

RV Park

An auction sign is now posted on this proposed RV site property. The high-end RV park plan discussed on this website has apparently been abandoned. Previous city applications expired last September. Over the past year Kerr County Conscience and the Welborn family members have actively pursued preservation of their family cemetery located under the ancient oak on the property.


Unfortunately, heavy equipment has done considerable damage to the property's river banks during Richard Colvin's ownership. The neighboring Drymala quarry owner has altered flood drainage from highway 27 which will probably divert more water onto the property even during regular rains. The property itself is in the most hazardous of flood plains and becomes a floodway during periods of severe flooding.


The auction signs indicate the property can be viewed Sunday afternoon June 12 and the auction will be held June 28.

Frances Lovett


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